Men and women both like to wear shirts. Shirts are good to wear for formal events. Various types of shirts are available in the market. Various people wear different types of shirts according to suitability. It looks modern. Shirts that people wear are of different types. They have different styles, neck, and pattern. Some are plain while some shirts have designed and some with printed design.

Most of the people prefer to wear printed shirts because it looks modern. It comprises of unique designs and really looks trendy on both men and women. All these prints are done using the technique of screen printing.

Most people buy clothes on the internet. The online store deals with the screen shirts. People prefer to wear screen shirts because they are durable and may be used for a shorter period. People buy an ordinary shirt because it’s inexpensive and it may be used for some time. The screen shirt [เสื้อสกรีน, which is the term in Thai] may be used for functions. It looks sophisticated and a person looks really richer. Such shirts are available in different types of designs, patterns, sleeves or collars or necks, etc. it is made of different types of decks such as the round neck.

What is Screen printing?

Screen printing is also named as silk screen printing. It is the material held by nylon mesh. It is a waterproof material and is permeable for dye ink. Screen printing is suitable for the high quality of t-shirts or shirts. Such screen-printing methods are used for mass production and it has unique designs. Screen printing on shirts includes making a screen and after that utilizing the screen to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Ink is pushed through a mesh screen or onto the fabric to create a print. Each colour is applied using different screens and is combined with the final product. Screen printing is the best choice for dark shirts. It is manual.

Some features of Screen shirts

Screen prints last longer on shirts. It does not easily wear off. It survives machine washes and holds well even after multiple washes. It is a very inexpensive technique. It is easy to print specific garment parts. Screen printing is the oldest. It is from ancient China. It is the earliest form of the technique. It is versatile and able to reproduce vibrant colours and crisp images. Designers need to work with designing software which allows them to separate them. Software like Illustrator and Corel Draw are the most popular tools used for the task, it depends on how it is used photoshop may be also valid.

When it comes to screen printing, natural fabrics are better than synthetic ones. It simply absorbs liquids better and leaves a vibrant print behind. A lot of different types of screen print shirts are available. It uses thick inks; screen prints are of good quality and vibrant. Due to its composition and thickness of inks used in screen shirts are long-lasting.

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