A collar necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry that creates a good impression. It got its name from the fact that it occupies the place of a shirt’s collar. These kinds of necklaces are gaining popularity nowadays. It is a necklace that fits on the upper part of your chest. It is a simple necklace with gemstones in it and it is worn below the base of your neck.

These necklaces are not new, and they were worn by the ancient Egyptians as well. Nowadays these collar necklaces are much in demand as they provide a variety of styling options. These are of various types like gold or gold plated collars, gemstones collars and statement chunky collars. Whenever you wear any kind of necklace like pearl necklace urban, it needs to be matched with your outfit and other jewelry items to optimize your looks.

How You Can Style A Collar Necklace?

  • Wearing it with a button-down shirt – This creates a stylish look. Put your hair up and wear a pair of cigarette pants or stiletto pants and carry a clutch to enhance your appearance.
  • Wear It With Off- Shoulder Tops – Wearing these necklaces with an off-shoulder top draws more attention to your chest region. If the necklace has gemstones and provides a complex design, then you can wear a simple top.
  • Round Neck Tops – Wearing these necklaces with round neck tops is a preferable choice among many women and it is a perfect choice for the winter days.
  • Adds Extra Style With A Round Neck Top – Choose any kind of T-shirt, a top and even a dress which has a wide neckline. It gives the appearance of a true fashion icon. You can add more weight to your style by wearing simple stud earrings and making a half-up or half-down hairstyle. Always keep in mind that these necklaces look great with the plain tops rather than the printed ones.


The above mentioned are some of the unique ways of styling your necklace by choosing the appropriate outfit and other accessories for any kind of occasion.

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