Buying pearls is not at all an easy task. The main reason behind this is the creation of imitation pearls. These imitation pearls are handmade and they are made with plastic or glass or any other material.

These imitation pearls resemble the natural pearls and very cheap in price. A lot of people end up buying these imitation pearls due to lack of proper knowledge about natural and cultured pearls. The natural and cultured pearls look 10 times beautiful than the imitation pearls. The natural pearls especially look beautiful than the cultured and imitation pearls and this is the reason why their price is a bit higher generally.

Tips to Follow While Choosing Pearls

The demand for natural pearls is always high, but their availability is less. This is the reason why pearl farmers started using new cultivating techniques to create the pearls in the freshwater which are nothing but the cultured pearls.

The popularity for cultured pearls has increased a lot as they look almost like the natural pearls and low in price. The first cultured pearl was created by a Chinese farmer in 500 A.D. Jacquin from France made the first modern imitation pearl in 1686 A.D. Remember that, buying imitation pearls would be waste of your money as they cannot match the beauty of the natural and cultured pearls.

With increase in demand for pearls a lot of jewelry stores started offering them at an attractive price. Are you sure that all of them are selling natural pearls? Well, the answer is ‘no’ to this question. In order to find the best store, take the help of the customer reviews online. Go through the customer reviews about different pearl jewelry stores.

Checking the gem lab certificate will also help you understand the quality of the pearl which you are planning to buy. If you don’t have time to follow all these suggestions then visit They are in pearl business since many years and they are famous across the world for their pearls.

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