Smoking a cigar is completely different from puffing a cigarette. The difference is that you don’t need to inhale the smoke of the cigar. Instead, you let the smoke stay in your mouth and then gradually smoothly blow it out. Though this process is so alluring, a flavor of white owl cigarillos is very famous. It is one of the premium cigars’ flavors available in the online and offline market.  Buy white owl flavor cigars and enjoy the puffing. Surprisingly, there is a lot more to smoking a cigar the right way. Here’s how.

A true while owl cigar connoisseur does not smoke the entire cigar. You should not smoke it past the ribbon because it will not taste that good and is not proper cigar smoking etiquette.

A cigar connoisseur sits in a quiet room alone or with some friends to enjoy a cigar. Although some people like to smoke a cigar wherever they like, which is fine, I believe that you can extract the most from your cigar and enjoy the flavor better if you are sitting indoors alone or with some good friends.

Most white owl cigars go out from time to time. This is completely normal. Even a cigar connoisseur has to relight from time to time!

Do not stub out your cigar like a cigarette. A cigar connoisseur never stubs out a cigar. Instead, he/she smokes it up to the ribbon and places the cigar in the ashtray where the cigar goes out by itself.

Hold the white owl cigar with your thumb and index finger. If you are smoking a longer cigar, use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Do not hold it between your index finger and middle finger like a cigarette.

White owl flavor Cigars are even better when served with some cognac or brandy. It is a mark of class and sophistication to smoke a cigar with cognac. The drink will help break the ashy sensation you can get in your mouth from time to time. It also enhances the cigar smoking experience. However, if you do not drink, the cigar will still taste good!

There are several online options available to buy cigars of white owl flavors. You can search for them on the internet. Search by origin or brand and discover their extensive range of quality cigars and smoking accessories that can give you the best smoking experience.

Or get inspired by checking out a selection of cigars and visit an online store to stimulate your senses.

In addition to cigars, they too offer many other items for the smokers that add the blend of taste and style.

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