Sobriety; it’s not something you look forward to. Chances are, if you’re reading this, people have been badgering you about getting sober, telling you that you need help, when really this isn’t something you want to hear, let alone talk about. You can come up with a variety of reasons that you don’t need to get sober, and why your substance use isn’t a problem. Denial, that’s your ground stone. Addiction is a mental illness, so it takes over your mind and it will keep at you until it kills you. Of course, that’s not the aim, but that is sadly how it often ends: alone, lonely, washed up, forgotten. So, why won’t you get sober? Here’s the real truth – seven reasons that you are avoiding getting sober.

The Pain Hasn’t Become Too Great

Addiction is intensely painful, but sometimes you’re so drunk or high that you don’t even realize. Mostly, your substance abuse is to cover the pain but eventually you reach a point where you are physically and emotionally broken and you can see that through the haze. This agonizing feeling doesn’t go away until you confront it head on, but you won’t do that until you’re ready to.

You Just Don’t Want To Get Sober

Here’s another common one. Even though you have people begging you to stop, and you keep saying that you’ll stop – actually, you don’t want to. The mind is a powerful thing and if you really don’t want to get sober, then that will be the outcome. Think of the energy you put into getting drugs or alcohol, the things that you’ve done – perhaps even lost a job, distanced lovers, been arrested. If these things haven’t stopped you getting sober – it’s because you don’t want to.

You’re Afraid Of Missing Out

Yes, the dreaded FOMO. Some friends or family won’t understand this. You can actually be killing yourself with your drug of choice, but you won’t give up because you’re afraid of missing out. You’re afraid you’ll miss the party, scared of losing the friends you have, fearful that you won’t have a good time without your substance. This can even cause people to relapse in the early days when they feel they have missed something. Yeah, you could miss something fun one night – or you could actually die young and miss out on life altogether if you stay high.

You Don’t Believe You Have A Problem

You think that you have it handled. You’re not a drug addict or alcoholic – you’re just someone who dabbles a little or enjoy a drink. You may have convinced yourself that you have it under control. You may be holding down a job, keeping up appearances. Deep down though, you know that it’s all a lie – you have to police yourself and you often fail. You play games with yourself and addiction wins. Plus, if you don’t admit you have a problem, then you don’t have to get sober.

The Physical Need Is Too Strong

Some drugs, especially alcohol, are so dangerous because you develop a physical addiction to them. This means you get ill when you don’t have them. So, even when you want to give up, the physical need becomes so great that you HAVE to get your fix. It can get to a point where you can’t get through the day without it and this, of course, makes giving up so much harder. The only way through this is a managed withdrawal, somewhere like Charlies Place Rehab where you can be monitored and get help.

You’re Not Ready Yet

Sometimes you might try to get sober, and it doesn’t work. It’s estimated that between 40 – 60% of addicts relapse, and the number could be even higher. This is because people are not quite ready. It can take years to battle addiction, and although it does get easier, it will never really go away. Sobriety is something that you have to work at, and you might not be ready to put in that focus yet. That’s okay, it doesn’t mean stop trying. You will know when you’re ready.

Eight Good Reasons to Get Sober

You’re not alone, around 1 in 20 people in the U.S suffer with substance abuse, yet only 10% of those will actually seek help. So, you’ve had six reasons why you won’t – here are eight reasons why you should:

  1. Gain time – now you get to live every single moment. At the risk of all the clichés, you get to appreciate the birds singing, your child’s first words, the smell of rain. These things pass when you’re not sober, wasting time consuming and looking for drugs or alcohol.
  2. A great memory. Suddenly you can remember everything, it’s surprising how well the brain recovers. Now you get to both have new experiences and remember them, something that doesn’t happen to addicts.
  3. No more hangovers or physical ailments from using or drinking – you get healthy time in place!
  4. More money – when you are drinking or drugging, you spend a lot of money, sometimes gained by illicit means. Now, you don’t have to do that anymore, you’ll be surprised how much money you have.
  5. If you don’t stop, you’ll die – whether by overdose, as over 70,000 people in the US died of in 2017, or accidents caused while people are under the influence – 39% of all traffic deaths are caused by alcohol. Your organs deteriorate faster from drug and alcohol abuse too, so you are adding years to your life if you quit in time.
  6. You can build new, healthy relationships. No one who suffers from addiction has a healthy relationship. This changes with sobriety. You can meet people, be honest and find lasting happiness with family and friends, knowing everything is real and not based on a drug.
  7. Gain mental stability – part of recovery is learning your triggers and how to overcome them. This makes a person incredibly mentally strong, and you can build on that to find balance and solidity in your life.
  8. Gain freedom. When you come out from under the grasp of addiction, you will honestly feel like a weight has been lifted from you. You will realize how much you can do and how much is open to you that you’ve never seen before.

Get Sober

Now you can see in black and white the excuses you are making, and the arguments against them. It is an absolute science that sobriety is better than addiction. Choosing to overcome the reasons why you won’t get sober is brave and challenging but it can be done. So, however you choose to do it, talk to an experienced professional today to help you start your journey to sobriety.

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