Dubai desert safari is the highlight of Dubai. It is the famous desert and do you know why it gains so much attention from the tourists? The reason is the crazy activities and fun. Plan your trip to a desert. Sounds dry? Sounds great! Desert is actually the best spot for vacations because it is so beautiful. We should try some crazy stuff to refresh our souls. Planning your trip to a desert will refresh you because it is more about adventures and camping.

The activities of the desert safari are divided into two. The thrilling and adventurous activities and camp activities. The adventurous activities include dune bashing, sand skiing, camel riding, and quad biking while the camp activities include the tanoura show, the fire show, henna painting, Arabic costume photography, belly dancing, and many other exciting activities.

Wow, what a package!

The adventurous activities are available in the morning and in the evening while camp activities are available in the evening and overnight. We offer 5 packages and you will love them. You have so many options so decide according to your availability but don’t miss this amazing opportunity of visiting Dubai desert safari. We offer Morning desert safari, Evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, group bookings, and private bookings.

Group bookings are for those who wish to bring many people. We will take care of it. Private bookings are those who want some family time and want to come with fewer people. We will provide a private vehicle for you.

Adventures of Dubai desert safari.

If you are daring enough then I suggest you try the adventures of desert safari Dubai. The Sand dune activities are crazy and you can not try these activities at any other place. For example, if you are crazy about bikes you should try quad biking which is available in the desert. You cannot try a quad bike on the main road. Desert is the perfect place. Likewise, if you want to have an off-roading experience then you can not just experience it on the main road because there is so much traffic. But yes you can experience it in the desert. The Sand dunes are crazy. They are of different heights so the driver cannot drive at the same pace. He will have to adjust the speed accordingly.

Have you ever experienced surfing over the ice? If yes then you know the fun. Imagine surfing over the Sand dunes. Get this new experience which is so thrilling and unique. Camel riding is also amazing. Explore the beauty of the desert with the camel.

Camping is a nice idea.

Camping is all about entertainment. The activities at the campsite will mesmerize you. The Dubai desert safari is no doubt a perfect combination of joy and craziness. Stay at the desert overnight and fall in love with the beauty of the desert. You will feel so relaxed. You will have positive vibes.

To have all this fun. Book your trip to desert safari Dubai.

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