The competitive mode arrived in Dota Underlords

The competitive spirit is alive and now you will be rewarded for winning a match in the Dota Underlords because Valve has added a ranked ladder in it. At this moment the ladder was divided by 8 divisions. Each of them has 5 sub-divisions, so you will the whole process of ranked climbing. There they are, from the highest to the lowest (MEME ATTENTION):

  1. Big Boss;
  2. Boss;
  3. Lieutenant;
  4. Smuggler;
  5. Enforcer;
  6. Outlaw;
  7. Grifter;
  8. Upstart.

Ranks in Dota Underlords

Since this is the Beta season after release all these ranks will be reset. But right now, in the Dota Underlords Beta Season, you will earn rank medals, so make sure that you playing for the win and know all the best strategies that could bring the victory to you! Or if you are feeling that you just did not have enough time to climb the ladder in Underlords then just order an Underlords boost.

Other updates of the Mid-Week patch

But this is not the all good news, to make easier this game to the newcomers, Valve added a tutorial that will teach you the core features of this game and will teach you about the basic mechanics.

The most of other changes of this mid-week patch are focused on the improving PC user interface and making the whole style of this game more attractive. The camera position is improved a little so the whole gaming experience is now much brighter. The DPS meter design was rethinked again and now it looking almost perfect.

Dota underlords art

And of course, AI of units was enhanced a lot! Now the whole AI of the units seems to be more clever than in the Auto Chess. Now units know about formations, for example, Knight will know that they need to stand close to each other or Mages will try to stay closer to the warlocks if you have global warlock buff – Soul Sucking Syphon. That is good news that even increasing the value of the AoE damaging units like Enigma, Razor, and etc.

As in the Dota 2 Auto Chess re-roll mechanic was adjusted and now you will never see a duplicate. So now you cold mass roll in hope to find the proper unit and your chances on the comeback will be increased a lot!

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