One of the most important part of photography the work that is done after clicking the phot, i.e., editing. Editing requires different skill and creativity. Editing can either enhance the beauty of your picture or it can cause ruin the entire picture. Editing is like an icing on the cake. Editing is not only done by beginners. Even the most professional photographers use editing tools to give their pictures an eye-catching look.

Editing if simply put is an art of altering an image. But it is not that simple; editing can be as complex as taking a picture. Some of the editings are done manually by the photographers. But, if the picture needs major editing one should use automated software for editing the picture. Here is the link that can act as a perfect guide for photo editing

Simple photo editing tools

There are various photo editing tools; some are simpler while some of them are complex. Simple editing can be done manually, but complex ones require expertise. Some of the editing tools are mentioned below:

  • Contrast: The contrast of the photo can either make your picture or break it. If the contrast is too high, it can make the picture appear punchy, and if it is set too low, it can flatter the color.
  • White balance: It is used to redirect the color of the light in the photo.
  • Colour adjustment: It is used to change the color of the subject or to highlight any area of the image.
  • Background removal: It is used to remove the background from the image. It is used mostly for product photography.

Complex photo editing tools

  • Clipping paths: Clipping paths are used the photographer wishes to extract the subject or any other extra element from the photo.
  • Portrait corrections: It is used to adjust the complexion of the people who are captured in the image.
  • Special effects: Special effects can involve an array of things like adding fog, snow or any other nature effects.
  • Photo masking: It is used for hiding or showing any specific part of the image.
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