Security strength and recovery response are the two significant boulders of cybersecurity. Security strength is used to determine how vulnerable a business is and the possible ways to make it even stronger. Recovery response time, on the other hand, determines the fate of a business after a cyberattack – remember, even nanoseconds matter when a company is under an attack. These are, as a matter of fact, the only 2 considerations of value.

Talking about security strength, it includes the number of defense layers that the company uses and also the strength of every individual layer. The ones of major importance include the following.  

  • Categorically speaking, the backdoor password is the first layer of solid defense. The stronger it is, the safer your devices and network are
  • Next to the backdoor password is the firewall. A firewall is a virtual wall situated right between the backdoor password and the network/system. As long as it remains unbreached, the information within remains secure
  • The third most common layer of security defense is the antivirus software that helps in reducing the number of virus attacks and malware attacks
  • Network testing and software testing by ethical hackers is a less common, but extremely effective means to secure businesses from cybercriminals
  • Network segmentation is yet another smart technique to fend off hackers and minimize damage. When the information will be secured in different independent networks, breaching a single network wouldn’t provide access to all the networks, minimizing damage and earning more recovery time

Now comes the question that why should the response of the security team of a company be swift during an attack?

Well, if hackers are able to breach the security walls to gain the access of your network system, the more time they’re given, the equivalent is the severity of the damage. Thus, the response of the security team should be as immediate as possible. When able to reverse the security breach early, the financial damage is much less. It is also invaluable because of the following reasons.

  • Swift response time means all employees will be informed that the company is under an attack at once. The employees can then terminate using email accounts to reduce the susceptibility of phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Swift response time will give the recovery team more time to safeguard other networks if you’re using network segmentation cybersecurity technique. It will minimize data theft and financial losses by a huge margin

Thus, for the purpose giving your response team sufficient time to be able to minimize the damage, you should have a system that can alert all members of the security team immediately to be able to start the recovery process before it’s too late.  

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