The material that is used to make the laptop case is of great importance. Let’s look at the most popular options.

Genuine leather

Laptop case made of genuine leather has an ancient history – the very first such products were made of this material. They are strong and strong, do not get wet, well protect the laptop from dust and dirt. Such laptop case, and more often portfolios, are usually used by business people. Among the disadvantages of leather products should be considered a large weight. So, if you buy a bag/backpack for the laptop and plan to travel a lot, it is better not to get products from a genuine leather – they are certainly strong and noble, but superfluous weight to you in road precisely to anything. Such bags, however, are perfect for businessmen and business ladies. Leather looks presentable and expensive, and will add you weight among competitors.


This material is lighter than genuine leather. The disadvantages include shorter service life, poor frost response and less strength. However, eco leather has a number of undoubted advantages – this material is environmentally friendly and after using it can be recycled, in addition, a short service life has its advantages – you are more likely to buy a new case, and what can be better than a new thing.

Leather things has a low price, and that’s a big plus, too.


Textile laptop cases, backpacks and laptop cases are very common and very popular – they are lightweight, beautiful and durable. Thanks to special processing, such products do not let in moisture and protect the technique from critical temperatures, dust and dirt. They can be of various sizes, colours, shapes and configurations. The choice of bags and backpacks made of this material is vast. The advantages of textiles include durability, reliability, convenience, lightness and even machine washability.


Lightweight and durable, bright and beautiful plastic is just made for laptop bags. It is used to make cases and cases and can be used in bags. Good plastic is durable and is not afraid of heat or cold.


Now the metal laptop case is becoming less and less common. However, some companies still produce laptop bags with aluminium or other light metals.

What exactly you prefer to buy depends only on your preferences and goals. Each material has its pros and cons. Choose, guided by your lifestyle, the nature of movement and other factors.

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