Does your bathroom feel more of a dungeon than a day spa? Is it dark, boring and uninspiring? If yes, then there are a lot of tips you can use to brighten up the room – whether it’s dark and windowless or just tiny.

Here are six ways to add some life and interest to your bathroom.

1. Paint (Or Tile) In One Light Colour

Painting everything – the walls, the floor and the ceiling – a nice white or light colour can visually expand the space. If the room doesn’t have natural light, avoid white walls – it’ll make the room look flat and sad. Choose a light, neutral colour instead. There are many tints of blue, yellow, red and grey that can add depth, dimension, and texture to the room.

2. Try A Large Wallpaper

A wallpaper or wall covering can add brightness and cheer to even the gloomiest bathroom. While you may think of going for a small wall covering, it is better to go big. Try covering the whole room or one wall (an accent wall) that will be the focal point of the room. Medium to large wallpapers can make tight quarters feel large. Choose a playful pattern or something with a metallic element to give an illusion of a large space. Also choose vinyl wallpaper – they are durable, washable and a great choice for spaces with high humidity.

3. Add Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors and reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, adding instant brightness. You probably have a mirror over your sink for practical purposes, so consider adding more mirrors to brighten up and expand the space.

Add a big mirror that fits well in the space. You can go for one with a metallic frame for extra shimmer. Reflective, mirrored accessories are also a great addition. Small interesting mirrors can also fake the effect (reflect light sources and visually multiply the space).

4. Update Your Toilet Accessories

Especially for those who can’t get rid of terrible cabinets, updating the bathroom with new accessories can help banish boring and add a décor element to the space. Installing a new toilet handle, colourful cabinet knobs and classy drawer pulls can add lots of personality to tight quarters. Novelty toilet seats are another accessory you may consider installing (View Replacement Toilet Seats). Whether you want to add a quirky or classy feel to the space, there is a variety of novelty toilet seats that can help you achieve it.

5. Add Plants

Nothing adds instant cheer to a boring bathroom like plants. Not only do they brighten up the space, but they also lift wilted spirits and freshen stale air. But it’s a little trickier to keep plants alive when there’s no natural light. So, choose low maintenance beauties that thrive in warm and moisture-heavy temperatures like mother-in-law’s tongue, spider plant, and aspidistra.

6. Get a Pretty Shower Curtain

A cute shower curtain can brighten up a dull bathroom. If you can, extend the fabric near to the ceiling. Taking the shower curtain all the way past the height of the tub will help elongate the walls.

These six tips will help you add some life and interest to your bathroom – whether it’s tiny or windowless.

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