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When you chance to visit Bandung, don’t miss its most recent attraction known as Bandung Chinatown. It is a culinary and shopping attraction that additionally gives you an authentic feel of an older Chinese settlement which also supplies a concise summary of the way the Chinese first came to settle in this trendy town.

Entering Chinatown, you’ll immediately feel as if attracted to the collection of a timeless Jacky Chan or Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu movie. Vibrant colors of crimson and yellow dominate the scene, while distinct Chinese ornaments such as lanterns of various form and color, Chinese calligraphies, along with the soothing melodies of the always playing traditional Chinese music ultimately add to its unique ambiance. Place in a small village-like setting, all buildings resemble little traditional ancient Chinese homes constructed in great details.

Nonetheless, what Makes this area even more unique is that the gathering of vintage and authentic classic household items that are placed here as a beautiful decoration that perfectly fit this nostalgic ambiance of old Chinatown. From various teapots to a variety of steel and wooden crates, old bulging television collections with big knobs, antique phones, ironing boards, scales, and much more, these are one of curious which will definitely provide that classic Chinese Kung Fu movies vibes.

Honoring the way of life of the new generations of Chinese descendants in Bandung, a particular room called Bandung Chinatown Museum has been installed right next to the entry gate. Here you may discover neat collections of even more various distinctive vintage items that were once really used by the grandparents or even great-great-grandparents of the Chinese descendants. Aside from general things like bowls, plates, or glasses, and kitchenware, here you can also find classic sewing machines, old radios, and handy talkies, a traditional thermometer, old shampoo glass bottles, as well as photo collections of characters who were at the time the most popular Chinese actors.

Here, one of The heaps of old Chinese novels, you can even find a collection of ‘Kho Ping Hoo’s short books. These are taken out of well-known Chinese Kung Fu stories and legends, written by author Asmaraman Sukowati. The novels were once remarkably well known in Indonesia. For those that are acquainted with his works, these short books will definitely bring back sweet memories of olden times.

Aside from its perfect ambiance, Chinatown Bandung also offers people an excellent culinary experience. Here, it is possible to take one — and plenty more – snacks from the broad Selection of yummy snacks and food. Available here are not Just Chinese food, but also of traditional Sundanese meals in addition to other more ‘contemporary’ appetizing snacks. Muslim travelers do not have to worry because all while you’re here, do Try and taste a few of the delicious Chinese foods such as its dim sum, several noodles, and more, as well as traditional Sundanese menu such As Nasi Tibet, Baso Tahu, and even more.

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