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Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province. Bandung is a superb place to visit any time of the year as it’s not only renowned for its open vista, but the town also provides many attractions well worth a visit. Encompassed by lush green hills, Bandung today is Indonesia’s center for learning and creativity. Today Bandung is one of Indonesia’s most prestigious university towns.

Well known for its favorable climate, Bandung soon grew into a town for farmers who own tea, coffee, fruits orchards and vegetable gardens in the trendy and fertile mountains of West Java. Today, Bandung becomes the center for fabric mills producing much of Indonesia’s textiles for fashion wear, upholstery, and linen. This city offers fashion wear at reasonable prices during its multiple factory outlets, a broad range of delicious local and international foods, and a colonial European-style atmosphere along with captivating traditional arts.

You might be inundated with the high number of factory outlets scattered along Dago (Ir H Djuanda), Riau (RE Martadinata), Cihampelas, and Setiabudi. Shop to your heart’s content and catch famous brands, trendy fashion and even more with the price!

It is easy to reach Bandung. On your trip, you’ll see the fantastic views of the Parahyangan landscape, which calms your sense of adventure. There are many transportation modes that you can choose to reach Bandung.

By Air

Ride on the airplane is the fastest way to achieve Bandung. AirAsia provides thrice flights from Kuala Lumpur, also daily flights from Bali and Medan to Bandung (BDO). Malaysia Airlines serves daily flights between Bandung and Kuala Lumpur. Wings Air operates flight paths of Bandung-Bengkulu, Bandung-Palembang (South Sumatra) and Bandung-Tanjung Karang (Bandar Lampung). Susi Air and sriwijaya Air provide flights to and from.

By Train

This is a perfect option if you enjoy great views along the trip wherever your eyes will soon be mesmerized by the beautiful lavish green of hills, terraced paddy fields, and tea plantations. It will take around 3 hours to arrive from Jakarta.

By Bus and Shuttle Car

There are also convenient buses managed by Primajasa that can take you to Bandung direct from Jakarta. But, if you’re looking for something private and elegant, shuttle vehicles (X-trans, Cipaganti, and Primajasa) are also available in the airport. All of them provide services that are safe, trustworthy, and excellent.

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