Most of the students believe that to score high marks in mathematics one should have an extraordinary brain. But this conception is wrong. One can easily score marks if the concepts are clear. Mathematics is about easily solving the problems through rational thinking and logical reasoning approach.

We have great mathematician in Indian History who contributed to maths through their research. One such mathematician was Srinivasa Ramanujan. He was not a brilliant student. In fact, he had to leave schooling due to financial problems. But his curiosity to play with the number forced him to do several types of research in the field of maths. And for this, he was also honoured with the Fellow of the Royal Society award.

How to get 90% in Class 10 Mathematics Exam?

Mathematics is considered to be the scoring subjects. It’s just a game of hero and zero. Students can not gain command over mathematics overnight. It’s all depends on practice. Here are a few tips that will help students to score high marks in class 10 maths.

  1. Study from the NCERT Books: Get a hold over the basics from the NCERT Maths book. Read the theory part first and then go through the examples. After that solve the exercise problem.
  2. Know the Maths Syllabus Thoroughly: Students must refer the syllabus while studying. It will help them to keep track of what they have studied till now and what needs to be completed. In this way, they could be able to finish the syllabus on time and also get time for the revision and practising the sample papers.
  3. Maintain a Separate Formula Sheet: Mathematics is full of formulas. To solve the problems faster, you should remember the important formulas. So make a separate formulas sheet and paste it in your study room. After a few days, those formulas will be in fingertips.
  4. Work on the Area of Improvement: Every student has their own strong and weak points. Some may be good in trigonometry, some may have a number system as a strong point, or some may be good in solving the problems of probability. But to score 90% in class 10 maths, students must have command on every topic. And this could be achieved by improving the weak areas.
  5. Practice Practice and Practice: The more students practise different type mathematics problems, the more their concepts will be clear. So, they should first complete the Mathematics NCERT Book for class 10, then R.S Aggarwal, followed by R.D. Sharma books. Also, they must revise a chapter at an interval of 2 weeks so that they do not lose the momentum.

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