Searching for the right massage chair for your needs can be tricky, especially if you have no clue on the features that might benefit you. For this, it is recommended that you, as the buyer, visit a massage chair store Sarasota so you can check out the chairs and experience the features firsthand.

Another thing you can do is to visit credible websites that carry a wide range of massage chairs such as The Modern Back so you can do your research while you’re at home or the office. More often than not, these websites have a complete list of all the features of each chair so that the buyer can make an informed decision.

But whether you choose to go to a showroom or research online, things might still be difficult for you if you don’t know the right terms of the different features. For that, we’ve compiled five of the finest features you might want for your first or next massage chair.

  1. Kneading Massage Function

If you’re looking for a massage chair, one of your top reasons is probably because of the massage options. If you nodded along or even said “yes” to that statement, then you need to make sure that you look for a chair with a kneading massage function. This feature uses a gentle or firm squeezing movement to massage the user of the chair. Rollers are built inside the chair system, and these move sideways across the back to give the user a kneading massage. However, when looking for this specific function, make sure to choose one that has a dedicated motor for the kneading feature since it needs sufficient torque for it to work flawlessly.

  1. Heat Therapy

The heat has a wide variety of health benefits, which make it a perfect feature for a massage chair. A lot of high-end chairs such as the DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair in Sarasota from The Modern Back has top robotic recliners with heating elements which the user can control and use only on certain or multiple areas. If you want a massage chair that will help you relax, reduce swelling, and increase blood flow, find one with a heat therapy function.

  1. Auto Programs

Massage chairs with auto programs benefit those who don’t like to fuss around the remote to control or adjust certain settings. This feature is most beneficial to older people since they won’t have to adjust the settings before every use. These auto programs are pre-set by the chair’s manufacturer, including settings for massage techniques, locations, systems, and duration. Make sure that the pre-set settings are okay with you; otherwise, you won’t enjoy the chair’s features.

  1. Footrest Extension

While it’s a simple feature, a massage chair with a footrest extension is beneficial, especially for taller users.

  1. Music – Massage Synchronization

Some of the newest and high technology massage chairs today come with a music and massage synchronization feature which allows the massage movement to sync with the chosen music. This technology is fascinating and can be extremely relaxing and stress-reducing.

Final Word

While there are a lot of other features you can find nowadays, these five are some of the most critical and most beneficial to the general public. Take your time to know what you want so you can get the most out of your chosen massage chair.

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